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Historic Warsaw from the 21st, 20th through to the 14th Century and back

The route starts at Grzybowski Square/Plac the only intact remnant of pre-war downtown Warsaw which was part of the Nazi's Jewish ghetto. We walk or cycle along Emilii Plater and see modern and post war Warsaw with new skyscrapers such as Daniel Liberkind's Zlota 44 tower, Golden Terraces shopping Centre, Warsaw's central train station and looming over all of this is Stalin's "gift" the Palace of Culture. Next we walk along Jerusalem Allee on the southern street face we see original surviving early 20th century beaux arts edifices. Next we walk down Poznanska Street into the most original/intact district of Warsaw's districts as it housed Nazi troops during the war. When we reach Wilcza we go west and then back along Koszykowa past Koszyki Market, a recently restored shopping/entertainment hub in this area. As we continue along Koszykowa we see the socialist realist MDM district centred around Constitution Square which was first newly built district in Warsaw post war. Just before you reach the main square, there is small street to your right/south that has a pocket of recently restored buildings that are the last remnants of what was here pre-war. As we cross the street look to the right to see the twin towers of Saviour's Church. As we continue along you will reach Mokotowska and then turn and head towards Three Crosses Square/Plac Trzech Krzyzy. Or if you have more energy you could turn south down Mokotowska towards Saviour Square then turn east onto Wyzwolenia Alley and see a unique neighbourhood built from scratch post war modelled after Place des Vosges in Paris. You can then keep going to Plac na Rozdrozu up to Koszykowa Street, turn left/west and go back to Mokotowska and continue right/north to Three Crosses Square. At the square we see St. Alexander's church. The monumental building on the right at Jerusalem Allee is the former Communist Party Headquarters. We turn left onto Jerusalem Allee and continue to Bracka Street and the post war Smyk store that is being revitalized. We continue down Bracka to Szpitalna past Chmielna a charming pedestrian street. At Warsaw Uprising Square (Plac Powstancow), Napoleon Square pre-war. Down Warecka we reach Nowy Swiat again and towards the old town along Krakowskie Przedmiescie street filled with rebuilt churches and palaces. Almost all of the churches on the right/east by luck were spared destruction. At the Europejski Hotel we head to Pilsudski Square and to the Great Fountain and then through the garden past the pond and temple on the left to Niecala Street to the Opera on Plac Treatralny and to Senatorska Street towards Castle Square/Plac. Along Swietojanska we head towards the Old Town Square - most of the old town was rebuilt over original gothic basements. Then we head towards Freta and New Town Square and the one of the oldest churches in Warsaw from 1411 built on an ancient pagan religious site. We head down to the waterfront and south to Kopernicus metro station and wherever you want to go.