Jonathan Ramsey


Rodzaj trasy: Rekreacyjna
Forma transportu: pieszo
Długość trasy: do_4_godzin

Green Zoliborz and Great Food/Drinks/Relaxation

This route can be done as a long, easy walk, or alternatively as a 2 hour bike ride. Preferably it will happen on a Saturday morning/afternoon when the Targ Sniadaniowej is happening. We start at Plac Wilsona and explore the beautiful, historic Zoliborz neighborhood south of Krasinskiego, taking in the pre-war architecture and discussing why Zoliborz is different than anywhere else in Warsaw. Then we head to our first stop - Plac Inwalidow - where we can stop for something great to eat at the highly popular and affordable Saturday breakfast market. Then we walk through the green, spacious, and historic park space around the Cytadela, discussing how it is a fort left by Russians in the 19th century. Then we head to the other side of Zoliborz, and on Czarnikowskiego we see some a building with many bullet holes in it. We continue exploring small, little-known back streets like Bytomska, admiring the architecture and enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of the neighborhood. Then we talk about the Dzialkas along Promyka, explaining the historic nature of private garden spaces in Warsaw - if we can get through the gate, we'll the the dzialkas up close. Then we make our way to Gwiazdzista for a cold drink and a kielbasa at Kepa Potocka, a classic Polish bar/grill place in the middle of a beautiful park area. Then we go south and head across the highway towards the Wisla and we find Boogaloo beach bar - a popular new bar with a great atmosphere where we can stop for a beer. Then we can continue walking down along the Wisla until we reach Gdanski bridge, where we can catch a tram to the zoo!